Darwin, God, and the Cosmos: Is Faith Still Relevant in a Scientific World?


A Magi Project event

Darwin, God, and the Cosmos: Is Faith Still Relevant in a Scientific World?

Prof. Ken Miller

30 November 2017

Annenberg Center of Communication

Modern science has its roots in western religious thought and owes some of its greatest discoveries to scientists who themselves were people of faith. Nonetheless, on one issue after another, from evolution to the “big bang” to the age of the Earth itself, religion seems to be at loggerheads with scientific thought. Perhaps, as some suggest, we are approaching the end of faith. Is this conflict inevitable, or is there a way science can be understood and supported in a religious context? Join us for a fascinating talk by Professor Ken Miller.  Attendence is free!


Kevin Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University.  He is life sciences advisor to The News Hour on PBS and coauthor of the nation's leading high school biology textbook. In addition to his research work in cell biology, he has written extensively on evolution, and in 2005 he served as lead witness in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial on evolution and intelligent design.  He is the author of two popular books.

Among his honors are the Public Understanding of Science Award from AAAS, the Stephen Jay Gould Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Gregor Mendel Medal from Villanova University, and the Laetare Medal from Notre Dame University.

Watch the full talk here!