Science, Faith and Culture: Conflict and Reconciliation week 2

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Coffee with the Classics

Science, Faith, and Culture: Conflict

and Reconciliation

Week 2: Galileo, his view of the Universe, and the Catholic Church.  (22nd March 2017)


This week we study the Galileo controversy and try and find out what really happened! We are studying extracts from five documents:

1. Comentariolus, Nicholas Copernicus, 1514. This forms the basis for his later and more famous 1543 book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, • How do Ptolemy & Copernicus’s worldviews differ from each other, and from the Ancient Near Eastern worldview we studied last week?

2. Siderius Nuncius, “The Herald of the Stars” 1610 Galileo . • In which Galileo observes the motions of the satellites of Jupiter and draws his own conclusions.

3. Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany, 1615 • Galileo shares his personal thoughts with his friend the Grand Duchess Christina.

4. Pope Pius VII Decree of Approval for the work "Elements of Astronomy" by Giuseppe Settele, in support of the heliocentric system.

5. Pope John Paul II “On the Galileo Affair” October 1992 • A Vatican apology?

** Supplementary Material – Read if you have time **

6. Trial documents of 1616. 7. Trial documents of 1633.